3 Components Of Jute Cord For Macrame For Making Interesting Craft Pieces

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Choose jute cord for macrame as jute is a great material to use for many macrame projects. The thickness of the material gives you the best and fast results, plus the material is not too costly. You can easily find and buy a jute cord for a macrame in the size of 2-ply. It is not colorfast; this is something you should keep in mind while using jute. 

Macrame is versatile fiber art; you can make almost everything out of it, like purses, jewelry, wall hanging decorations, and even clothing items. You can use a material like cotton twine, hemp, yarn, jute, etc., to make the craft you like. The crafting of macrame is very easy. You have to use several knots to form the basic shape you want. 

Go With Jute Cord For Macrame

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When it comes to choosing material for macrame, it is the choice of an individual. However, the jute cord for the macrame is a great option to support the environment as it is an eco-friendly option to choose from. There are three main components of choosing the right fiber for macrame where I prefer jute cord for macrame the best. 

Fibre Content 

Whether you are looking for a cord, rope, yarn, or a string for your project, you first need to decide what you want it to look like. If you want it to be natural or synthetic fiber? I prefer natural, that’s why I prefer going with a jute cord for macrame. 

The natural fiber includes other options beyond jute-like linen, cotton, wool, hemp, etc. All of these are biodegradable, making them a good choice for earth-friendly crafting. These are ideal for making decor, gifts, textiles, accessories, jewelry, etc. 

Synthetic fibers including nylon, plastic, acrylic, polypropylene are ideal for outdoor projects. Synthetic material holds up well in the rain, shines, and cannot break down over time. 

Sizes To Get Jute Cord For Macrame

  • The smaller ropes that are 3mm or even less works best for crafting jewelry, as well as some small and delicate crafting. 
  • Medium ropes of jute cord for macrame from 4-7mm are sturdy than the smaller ropes and perfect size for crafting lanterns, curtains, wall hanging, plant hangers, rugs, etc. 
  • Large ropes of jute cord for macrame from 8-12mm or even bigger are usually used to make huge wall decorations and hangings. Working with these big jute cords for macrame is challenging because of their sizes. 

Texture Of Jute Cord For Macrame

The texture of the jute cord for the macrame is an essential element. To make it more interesting, you can certainly add interesting and fun pieces of fabric; try different designs of knottings with the fiber. 


When you are working with knotting up something large with a jute cord for the macrame, it looks great, but it can be a little rough on the hands. To avoid roughness while working on jute cord for macrame, use gloves to save your hands.

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