3 Simple Cool And Fancy Braided String Bracelets To Try Now

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Even though they are simple, we all wanted to make those braided string bracelets and gift to our friends on friendship day. And no matter how old we get, those simple-looking bracelets will still win our hearts.

Well, some people still don’t know how to make those bracelets. Don’t worry; we are here to guide you so that you can make different designer friendship bracelets. So here we go.

Easy Steps To Make Braided String Bracelets 

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First of all, gather all the materials as listed below:

  • Scissors
  • Embroidery threads- 3 strands of 80 cm( either same color or different)
  • Pin
  • Cardboard

Now follow the instructions.

Step 1- Fold the embroidery thread and make a loop

Step 2- Place three threads in a line and hold from one of the ends. Tie the knot

Step 3- Now pull the left thread and cross over the second

Step 4- Bring the right thread and cross over the first thread

Step 5- Now cross the middle thread over the third one and keep repeating until you reach the end

Step 6- Finish with a knot

Your braided string bracelet is ready. This one is very simple, but you can make it fancy by adding colorful crystals or star rings.

Here are few more variations of braided string bracelets you can try.

Try These Two Variations Of Braided String Bracelets 

Macrame Knots Bracelets

Unlike the first one, we will be using hemp rope instead of threads. You can also use yarn if you have one. A cardboard and a tape will be required too. Now follow the steps:

  • Cut 40 inches of rope ( 2)
  • Wrap it around your wrist. Leave extra 2 inches and then tie a knot
  • Take a cardboard and make a small cut at the top
  • Secure the rope into it and now take the rope strings and tie the knot
  • Keep tying till the end. This will give a twisted look
  • Finish the bracelet with a knot

Double Braided String Bracelets

Double braided give a whole new look to the bracelet. You can pick threads of different colors, and mix matches the threads. Use cord ends to make it look like the one you get in the market. 

Here is the procedure.

  • Take two threads and make a loop. Tie a knot at the top, leaving few inches of thread
  • Make the bread of the first thread, leaving the second. Now make bread of second string.
  • Tie a knot between two braided strings. Tie another knot at an equal distance and repeat it.
  • Finish the bracelet with a card end and cut the extra strings
  • Attach a connector and clasp at the end to make a lock


There are so many ways to make braided string bracelets. Just be experimental with colors and decorate with star shape rings or beads. They look very beautiful and can be gifted as well. So handmade a braided bracelet for your friend or partner and make them happy.

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