4 Excellent And Extremely Easy Knitting Patterns To Learn

easy knitting patterns

Manipulating yarn to create a fabric or textile is called knitting. You would have watched your mother or grandmother knitting sweaters for you. Knitting can be done either by machine or hand. You can make unique knitted fabrics by making different twists, weights, uniformity, texture, color, thickness and using different needle sizes. If you are a beginner, then you should start with easy knitting patterns. It would be best if you do knitting regularly as you can become a pro by doing it regularly. Hand knitters use hundreds of unique knitting stitches. You will be amazed after knowing that hand knitting and other forms of needlework can provide you significant health benefits. Repetitive and rhythmic hand knitting action can help you in preventing depression, stress, and pain. And it will strengthen the immune system of your body. Also, the relaxation created in your body can manage heart rate, blood pressure and creates a calming effect. If you have a great interest in knitting, then you should know about these easy knitting patterns, especially for beginners. 

Know About Extremely Easy Knitting Patterns 

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Get your knitting needles ready and stick super-easy sweaters, scarves, and whatever you want. These easy knitting patterns will help you in knitting your favorite fabric. Have a look. 

Logan Hat

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This easy straight needle or knit hat pattern is a beginner project. You can make adjustable sizes for anyone, from a baby to an adult. You can start knitting with fur pom and worsted weight yarn. Also, make it a little slouchy. It will indeed look beautiful in any color or size. 

Button Scarf Knit Pattern

If you love carrying scarves during winters, then this amazing cowl knitting pattern is going to impress you. Start knitting on straight needles, and it’s an easy garter stitch repeat. You will indeed finish it in no time. You can easily adjust the scarf length according to your preference. Just embellish it with beautiful buttons when you are done. 

Humble Beginnings Shawl

If you are searching for any shawl easy knitting patterns, then this humble beginnings shawl is a perfect option. This quick shawl is extremely simple to do. The only technique you need to learn is how to yarn over. And, you can indeed learn it very easily. 

Extremely Simple Garter Stitch Shawl

After learning easy knitting patterns, you need to challenge yourself more. You should try this beautiful garter stitch shawl. It would be best if you use size 7 or 8 knitting needles. And, knit it in worsted weight yarn. If you want to practice your knitting, then you must try this project. Learn how to knit from the back loop. 


Learn these easy knitting patterns and become a pro in knitting. It is a great activity to do which will also provide you many significant health benefits.

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