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yarn macrame

Yarn Macrame is a unique art form. In fact, it is one of the oldest forms of knotting. It is very relaxing to tie this type of knot. The yarns used for this type of craft are usually braided cotton, silk, or even cashmere. This particular knotting art form was first practiced by the Indians of North America, and the knots used were quite thin, usually no more than a quarter of an inch thick. Nowadays, with more technology, high-quality yarns are used in this type of macrame.

This particular type of crochet macrame is wonderful for making beautiful handmade gifts or even beautiful accessories for your home. You can find many different patterns online. If you would like to start making your own, you will need some special crochet hook, thinner yarn or even silk thread, and an even tinier hole punch. When you have all of these items, then you will be ready to start learning how to make yarn macrame. A yarn macrame project should consist of three main elements; yarn, a clasp, and a brass ring. Let’s take a closer look at each item.

Yarn Macrame

Craft Project

First of all, yarn will be used for the actual macrame yarn. There are a lot of great yarns to choose from, including acrylic yarn which will provide you with a great deal of versatility. The thickness of the yarn will also be important since you will need to decide on the thickness as well. Remember that the thicker the yarn, the weaker the bonds will be and the stronger the ties will be.

Next, we will take a look at the hook that you will be using. A standard hook is made out of steel, although there are some cordless models available. The diameter will be dependent upon how much yarn you intend to use. You will also want to get a knot of the appropriate size in order to attach the macrame knot.

A Much Ado

Craft Project

One of the most important things to remember about working with yarn knots is that they should all be done at the same tension. If you have many small strands of yarn, such as those made from cotton, it is important to get them all on the same string. It is always easier to tie a knot when there are fewer strands to work with. It is even better if the strands are all on the same tension level.

After all of the strands are tied together, you will want to separate them into groups of two. These are your macrame knots. In order to tie the knots, you need to start by putting the very first knot on the very first string and pulling the string forward. This will form the basic foundation for the rest of the stitches.

To tie a knot in the second string, tie the second knot at the same tension as the first. It will be easier to tie the thick wool yarn since it will be placed directly on the thinner strands of yarn. It is also easier because you won’t need to tie it so tightly, to begin with. Continue this process until all the strands of yarn on the first string are tied. When you are finished tying the yarn macrame, make sure to untie the string that is tied and then tie another one onto the thick wool piece.

Bottom Line

There are several different ways you can learn how to make a simple knot. You can purchase books from your local craft store. There is even a lovely DVD that can show you step-by-step. However, learning how to tie a simple yarn macrame is not difficult. In fact, it is very easy, and anyone can do it!

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