Advanced Macrame Knots For Building The Perfect Arbor Bow

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It can be improved by adding a clasp at the other end for further security. A half round arbor knot should work just fine. This will also be helpful when we get to complex knot variations.

Strengthened By Monofilament Thread

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The arbor knot can also be strengthened by the addition of a monofilament thread. We have already learned about the basic knots and how to tie them. Now, we can add another variation by making the basic knots stronger. The basic knots that we are going to work with are the arbor, the half round, and the half square. You can improve these knots by further developing their appearance and complexity.

I like to start out by making an arbor knot that looks nice. Start by untying the end of one of your shoelaces and then insert the second eye pin through the eye hole of one of your long strands. Tie this in the normal manner. You can do the same with the other strand and once again tie it. This will make a nice loop that can then be tightened.

Next, tie the standard knots. Again, start by loosening the ends of the strands so they are nice and loose. Once they are loose, start the knotting process. As you do this you will notice that each knot has three strands instead of two. This is because you are working on the advanced knot.

See The Arbor Knot In More Intricate Detail

When you get to the second level, you will start to see the arbor knot in more intricate detail. This will allow you to add your own personal touch. We will start by making the arbor knots in the same way as we did for the basic knots. However, we will make it into a loop so that we can actually tie them together.

If you have ever seen pictures of arbor knots used in real life, you know how the knot works. In fact, the knot you see there is a very simple version. However, if you do not know what the arbor knot is or how to do it, you may want to look at a book that explains how to macrame before you begin.

Create Some Really Neat Structures

Once you have the basic knot down, start to use it to create some really neat structures. We are going to start with a small box. You should notice that it is tied on both sides and form a triangle. Now, connect the ends of the triangle with a slip knot. Once you have tied the strands together and tightened the slip knot, you should have a beautiful box that can be used as a holder for objects.

The next time you want to make something like this, you will be able to use your new macrame knot knowledge. You will be able to create whatever you want with the strands. You may even be able to turn your simple arbor knot into a bow and string creation. It is only a matter of spending more time practicing and learning more knots.

Bottom Line 

To complete the bow, simply tie another knot around the middle. This will secure the bow to your structure. There are many more advanced macrame knots that can be used for arbors, but this will give you a good introduction into the basics. A few more tips for beginners are to remember that when you are starting out, you should not twist the bottom strand of any string while wrapping. The end of the string should face away from you when wrapped. Once you have mastered these simple techniques, you will be able to create many other arbor knots on your own.

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