All About String Bracelet Ideas

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String bracelets are one of the easiest do-it-yourself that is DIY stuff to ever exist. You’ll have so much fun in making them that you’ll want to gift them to everyone. Also, they can easily make for meaningful gifts too as they can be made in different patterns. They range from simple braids to extravagant patterns adorned with embellishments that’ll suit your different moods and needs. They go easily with any outfit and while vastly popular among children and teenagers, even adults can wear them!

What supplies do you need?

String Bracelet
  • You can use threads used for embroidery or strings depending on the pattern you’re aiming for.
  • Safety pins and tapes.
  • Charms, beads and letters. You can skip them if you want to keep the pattern simple.

The 4 Basic Knots used to make String Bracelets

String Bracelet
  • Forward Knot: Both the knots should be forward.
  • Backward Knot: Both the knots should be backward.
  • Forward – Backward Knot: First knot would be forward and the second knot would be backward.
  • Backward – Forward Knot: First knot would be backward and the second knot would be forward.

Ten of the best String Bracelet Patterns

  • Spiral Staircase Pattern:  It requires you to choose two strings or threads of different colors and you have to use only the four strands present to make this pretty pattern. At the end you’ll get a spiral pattern around the bracelet.
  • Jelly- Fish Pattern: It requires you to choose Seven strands of different colors and you have to use a paper wheel to make it. It’s a unique pattern and once you complete it you should get dangling threads at the end.
  • Fabric scrap Pattern: If you have extra scrap fabric lying around the house you can easily upcycle it to make a string bracelet instead of using regular threads and strings. They’re made in the same way a normal string bracelet is made, only jewelry end caps are required to hold the entire thing together as the scraps might appear flimsy.
  • Diagonal Pattern: Easy to make by beginners this bracelet makes for a pretty diagonal Pattern. You can play around with the colors to give your personal touch. Adding an ombre look to the bracelet would really elevate your outfit.
  • T-Shirt Pattern: To make this bracelet, you’ll first need T-Shirt yarn instead of regular threads and strings.

You can wear it like a bangle by wrapping it around or make other patterns according to your plans and wishes.

  • Letter Bead Pattern: Firstly, make a simple braid using three strings. You can use colors of your choice in making the bread. Now add letter beads in the middle of the braid and form words of your liking. These are highly popular among young children as they’re the easiest to make and are mostly made into friendship bracelets.
  • Round Braid Leather Pattern: A simple way to spice up your regular friendship bracelet is to use leather cords. The pattern consists of a round Braid made up of four strands, that you can easily turn multicolored or keep it the same color.
  • Macrame Pattern: Made out of two simple macrame knots, these bracelets are quite the beauty. You can make different patterns out of it namely stripes, diamonds etc.
  • Chevron Pattern: Using eight threads, you can easily level up your game from a simple diagonal Pattern to the cooler chevron!
  • Button Beads Pattern: You can use to buttons to elevate the using buttons as embellishments. After you have completed designing the bracelet add buttons in the middle for a fun look.
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