Basic Macrame Keychain Knots For Beginners

macrame keychain knots

Macramé is an ancient form of knotting to produce textile instead of traditional weaving. It was used to cover knives and decorate ship parts in old is also used to make jewellery and belts but now macramé knots are used to create beautiful customized keychains which are unique and different from traditional ones. To make keychains from macramé there are some basic knots one should know

Lark’s head knot

It is also known as the cow hitch knot. It is used to attach your keychain or macramé to some other object and is one of the most basic ones and Lark’s Reverse head knot is also of the same type it’s just done in a reverse manner as a lark’s head knot. It is one of the most basic and useful knots as when it attaches your macramé with the object and also both threads are on the same side giving an even start to your design

Square knot

One of the most widely used knots is this one. It helps create a lot of other designs and involves 4 cords in knotting, you begin by making two lark’s head can be right or left facing. The half knot which is also common is nothing but just half of a square knot and by using half a knot you can also create a spiral stitch which mostly plays a decorative role, It is made using half knots and needs at least 4 cords

Hitch knots

This is a basic knot that is insecure but is extremely useful in making other knots. It has a wide variety in itself like a double hitch, vertical half hitch, and horizontal half hitch. It is attractive to the eye. The double half hitch knot is also an extremely helpful knot; it is a variation of a half knot and made by two the half knot. It is used to lines and colours to design. You can also make a extremely helpfuldiagonal double half hitch using series of diagonal knots

Wrapping knot

A bunch of clothes

It is also called gathering knots and helps by holding other knots together. It uses 2 working knots with filler cords and is a vintage technique that you can find in plant hangers now. It is also called lashing in other arts. This knot when completed will be 1-2 inches long and you should start making it with a 30-inch cord if you are a beginner.


Once you master the basic knots, hundreds of options open to you which you can use to design your custom keychain. Knotting is nothing more than combining some basic knots to create a design that is attractive to the eye. Internet is full of tutorials on knotting and you can gradually learn all of them also keychain does not require as much effort as producing other complex design. So, go ahead and start making your keychain 

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