Berry Knot Macrame – Simple Craft Tips

A close up of a rope

The first step is to have some fabric on hand. Berry knot macrame is made with a piece of this colorful fabric. There are many different ways to make them, but we will start with the simplest one.

The Berry Knot Is Made By First Drawing

A close up of a rope

The berry knot is made by first drawing an open line over the piece of fabric. Then you draw two vertical lines to mark off the top and bottom of your piece. You should be able to make three complete circles over the piece of fabric.

Holding the yarn securely in both hands, pull the bottom loop through the center of the top circle. Make sure it is snug. Now you draw a line down the bottom of the loop that corresponds to the two marks that you made on the fabric. This way you know which side you need to work on. Now, just keep pulling the bottom yarn through the knot until you reach the top.

Next, pull the top yarn through the loop you made on the fabric. Repeat this step over again. When you get to the middle, you know the piece of fabric. But don’t make a big deal out of it. Simply tie the berry knot in the center and then continue tying it until you reach the ends.

Pull The Berry Knot Tight

A close up of a rope

When you reach the end, simply pull the berry knot tight. That’s it. Easy enough, right? If you have trouble working on it, you can also use a berry knot pattern. This way, you can figure out the patterns that you like best.

Before hanging your piece of macrame, you need to secure it to a piece of dowel or plait. This will help to ensure that the piece of knot stays on the bottom and that you don’t pull the whole thing down. To do this, tie two pieces of thread together at the end of each piece. Then connect the bottom piece of thread to one of the two pieces on the hook. Tie a nice knot, secure the two pieces together, and then you can hang the piece of macrame.

 Add Some Crimp To The End

To make a really nice berry knot, you cancd. Crimp refers to wrapping the yarn around the hook before you knot it up. So when you knot, make sure to crimp your hook in at least twice. Make sure to crimp all the way down the shaft of the berry knot. Then simply attach the piece of clothing onto the dowel or plait.

There are many variations of berry knots. You can learn more about them by checking out the internet or a book about crochet. There are also books with a variety of patterns for you to choose from. These types of pieces of clothing are just some of the many things you can create with a little creativity and your imagination.

Final Words

You can even use this knot to make a variety of hair accessories. One great example would be a headband. Simply take an ordinary piece of hair, such as a ponytail, and thread it through the braid. It is possible to then tie the headband to the ponytail with the same knots, to create a simple but elegant accessory for any style of outfit.

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