Braided String Bracelet Patterns Is Great To Make

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Beaded bracelets make great gifts for any women on your shopping list. Bracelets braided by individual strands, small balls, beads, friendship bands, you could go for homemade bracelets for special friends in different colors and sizes from many online shops here. Available in bulk, most are available at reasonable prices, quick delivery with no wastage. Made of wood or plastic, almost every bead is malleable enough to be molded into several shapes according to the design requirements. Depending upon the color and style, the charm of these tiny but delightful charm accessories increases manifold.

Available In Variety Of Designs And Combinations

Bracelets in the form of beads, gold or silver, beads or gemstones, these are available in variety of designs, color combinations and styles. A beautiful handmade friendship bracelet is an ideal gift for your close loved ones. They can be gifted as gifts during birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Chanukkah, Diwali, Eid etc. Your dear could wear them all the year round.

Come In A Variety Of Sizes

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Braided friendship bracelets come in a variety of sizes. Depending upon your budget, you could go for a small one or a large size. As these are inexpensive, you can gift them to a girl with whom you’re very close. Whether she’s your wife sister, friend or grandma, you would definitely love to gift her these charm accessories. You could look for such bracelets online or offline. Handmade bracelets braided by hand are more expensive than machine made ones, but they are also more durable.


The charm and shine of the handmade string bracelets are incomparable. While buying a charm bracelet, choose one that suits your girl’s personality and style. It must be made from thick silver or gold wire to ensure that the charm does not fall apart. It should also have the right size of charms and beads. If you are buying a friendship bracelet, then look for the style that best suits your girl’s wardrobe. There are lots of options available like pearls, silver charms, crystals, gemstones, rhinestones, plastic charms and so forth.

If you wish to create your own handmade friendship bracelets at home, you just need to buy a set of quality beads and thread. Then you need to find some cheap and affordable materials like baby’s hair, felt, yarns and so forth. Then you need to know how to make string bracelets using embroidery floss. Follow the steps given below to create a beautiful and unique set of friendship bracelets. It will be a great idea to print out the pattern of your choice and hang it up on the wall of your room.


There are several advantages of using braided string bracelet patterns to make bracelets. For starters, it is an easy and quick procedure which does not involve much intricate work. Moreover, you need not spend a lot of time on it. The end result is that your wrist would look more stylish and fashionable than ever. Moreover, these are available in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit your personal taste.

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