Bring Back 1970s Crafty Creation Macrame Knots Rugs

macrame knots rugs

Earlier, people used to rely more on handmade stuff. But gradually, as the power looms and modern machines came into the picture, the handy craft seems to have vanished. But luckily, now people want all of that back. They want to decorate their house with those old handmade items. Macrame was considered a decorative as well as a functional art form. 

In earlier times, sailors have also used macrame-made products such as macrame belts, hammocks, and many more. Macrame was also used as decorating the cloths and showpieces. Today macrame knots rugs are trending as they are long-lasting and look aesthetic. 

How Are Macrame Knots Rugs Made?

A close up of a rope

Macrame has a different style of manufacturing. Macrame textiles are made with the knotting style, not with weaving style. Multiple types of knots are put together to form an intricate pattern. Mostly you will find fringes at the bottom of the macrame product. You can give a modern touch to your macrame piece by combining different vibrant colors and various forms of knots. 

Here in this written article, we will discuss some different macrame products like macrame knots rugs, wall hangings, etc.  

Wall Hanging For Your Bedroom

Macrame Knots

The jute-colored macrame piece on a solid wall color gives a classy look to your room. It mainly becomes the center of attraction of your room. Even if your room has some flaws, this big wall hanging will overcome them all. For example, a solid blue color wall and jute macrame hanging on it look perfect.

Nursery Room Decorator 

Nursery rooms are specially meant for your baby. Therefore, you prefer all the soft items. Macrame pieces in a nursery room give a soft look that makes it appealing for babies as well as for visitors. Remember not to hang macrame where your kid can reach. This hanging will give an eclectic, fresh look to your room. 

Plant Hangers 

One of the innovative ways of using macrame is to use it as a plant hanger. Earlier, they were used in the 1970s, and they are making a comeback now. You can also use this macrame hanging for hanging other items as well like a pot filled with paintbrushes and more. 

Outdoor Macrame Knots Rugs

Placing casual rugs outside the home is too old-fashioned. Replace them with modern kinds of rugs. Give a sensible touch of bohemian style to your porch or patio. It is the best way of using macrame.  


You don’t need to spend lakhs of the amount on decorating your home. You can do it simply by using various styles of macrame and cherry on the cake is you can design it yourself. If you don’t have time, then you can approach many online platforms that provide you macrame knots rugs according to your requirements. I hope that this article will help you in decorating your house aesthetically.   

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