Design Your Place Try Out The Cool Macrame Knots

A close up of a rope

What is a cool macrame knot?

A close up of a rope

As we know, in India there are so many festivals, like starting from Makar Sankranti popularly known as Pongal, then Shivratri, Holi, Gokul Ashtami, and in the winter seasons there festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi,  Navratri and then the most loved festival called Diwali, where almost all the Indians decorate their houses with a lot of decorative articles like lights, lamps, diyas, and many more. 

There are torans and also laces of flowers which could be artificial or real. The festival-like Diwali is always incomplete with one of the best known decorative articles which have been the most favorite of all the villagers out there, is the macrame knot. The macrame knots are popularly known as the cool macrame knots. 

This kind of decorative article is found to be used in all the Indian houses as well as in Indian houses during their festivals. Then comes the most loved festival by all the people out there, the festival of Christmas.

How are the Cool macrame made?

A close up of a rope

Now, we all know what are the cool macrame knots and where they are most popularly used. Let us see how the cool macrame knots are made. The cool macrame knot is made from completely royal fabric which could be cotton, semi cotton, or some other heavy wool cloth. Again, one best part of the cool macrame knot is that it can be made at home as well. Not all the cool macrame knots need to be made and manufactured in the industries and companies only. If one knows the art of stitching and designing clothes, then making or styling a cool macrame knot is not a big deal with them. 

One can even earn from macrame knots, once you know how to initiate the process of making and working the cool macrame knot then one can start their business and can earn a good amount of penny from the cool macrame knot making business.

Where can the cool macrame knot be used?

We discussed earlier that such kinds of cool macrame knots are used mainly in the time of festivals as the decorative article,  but here’s one fact about the cool macrame knot. The fact is that this kind of lovely decorative article is not only used in festivals but can also be presented to someone in the form of a gift. 

One can use the gift of the cool macrame knots not only in festivals but also one could use as a wall hanging or even as a royal décor bearing doors and windows. Such kinds of gifts are never wasted and can also be presented as unique gifts.


So let us all decorate our houses and make them look a bit different from usual. The use of the cool macrame knot also gives our houses and offices a new royal look.

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