Diy Macrame Knots For Stunning Necklaces

diy macrame knots

Learning how to make DIY macrame knots is fun! Even if you don’t think you can do it, I encourage you to give it a try. If you do decide that you want to make them, here are some great ideas to get you started. Get creative, and use whatever you find around your house to make them. They are definitely not difficult, and you will come up with some wonderful creations!

Begin by learning the basics of DIY Macrame: How to tie a knot, or more specifically, how to “know” when to tie a knot. A beginner’s Guide to Making Macrame, Part 1: A Beginner’s Guide to Make and Knotting:

Learn The Art Of Tying A Knot

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As you do this, you will quickly learn the art of tying a knot. Knowing when to pull the knot tight (tight is good) and how to pull it loose (not so good!) will get you started quickly and get you started on some projects.

Here are a few of my favorite DIY MACrame knots: The Butterfly Knot, the Junior Flower Knot and the Three Inch Knot are some of my favorites. All of these have been featured in my free book, which you can find by searching on Amazon. In the “book”, there are many projects for each knot, plus I share some tips on how to tie them properly as well. There is even a bonus section at the end of the book that explains how to tie a knot on the wing of a plane and then how to “fly” using this knot! That is a really cool look!

The Butterfly Knot

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The butterfly knot has also been featured in my “how-to” book, but with a much different look. The loops here are tighter, and there is no “Butterfly” part! This one requires a needle or a pin to put in a knot and can be very tricky to master.

The Junior Flower Knot is similar to the butterfly knot, only it is a little easier. It looks more natural when the end is shorter. To do this knot simply wrap a yarn round the hook. You will need to know how to tie a tie knot, which I explain in the ezine, but in general just threading one end of the yarn around the hook works.

The 3 Inch Knot

Now for the 3 inch knot… Here is one of my all time favorite ways of putting a knot in any knotting material. To do this, take your wide non-colored silk thread and tie an overhand knot inside the fabric where you want the knot. Then take your thinner thread and tie the same knot inside the first knot you made. Repeat this process until you reach the end. This can also be done with a regular thread if you prefer.

So if you have been looking for a quick and easy way to add some color to your outfits or even just to make them stand out, this knot is for you! It can be worn with almost anything and really adds a splash of color to any outfit. Go ahead and try one on for size!


A final knot, you might want to try is the half-moon knot. Again, we will be working with a very small knot here, but it will still look amazing! With the two loops, simply tie them together and then start placing the two ends together in the same way as we did with the V-shaped knot. You will have a lovely, unique necklace that you can wear with confidence! These DIY macrame knots are so easy to do, even beginners to the craft will have no trouble following these steps.

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