Essential Considerations Before Choosing Thick Macrame Cords

thick macrame cord

Knitting and weaving have been the traditional forms of creative art. It has provided some of the best clothing and bedding items for a long time. However, the success of the product of these arts not only depends upon the process but also on the materials that are being used in the making process. There are many materials, but today, a special inclination of people is enjoyed by a thick macrame cord.  These special fibers are used by making braids and designs of different styles and look for completing a dress. Here are some of the things that should be considered before buying one of these.

What A Thick Macrame Cord Is Composed Of?

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The first and the most important part is the material from which the macramé cord is made. This material is primarily meant for artsy effect in clothing and none of the arts can continue without the required level of material strength. Usually, jute, as well as hemp, has been a very preferred material to make macrame-based dresses. However, nowadays, some of the manmade fibers are a primary consideration for it. These are materials like satin, rayon, or nylon. They give quite a good level of strength as well as a comfortable touch feel.

It’s Strength

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This is another prime factor for the macrame material. Since the material is going to be used for clothing; its strength is one of the main concerns for the manufacturers. Now, the strength factor is primarily dependent upon the material quality. Therefore, while choosing a thick macrame cord, the choice of the material has a key role to play. Both the natural materials like jute and hemp as well as man-made like nylon and satin have quite a good level of strength, but they shall be chosen based upon the tensile needs of the dress in making.

The Level Of Twists In A Thick Macrame Cord

Twisting is one of the things that are common with macrame cords. It is actually done both before and after manufacturing. But it usually requires unraveling while being used for the purpose of making dresses. Now, those cords that are previously braided or even twisted during the manufacturing process are difficult for being unraveled. This creates a problem while making personal designs and customizations. It is also important to seal and fix the braids on the ends so that it doesn’t unfold easily.

Texture Of The Cords

As the clothes are to be worn by women and individuals, it is important to have their textures sophisticated and sorted beforehand. This is what gives them a comfortable touch and feel for the skin. Plus, the texture of a thick macrame cord also plays a key role in highlighting the design features of a particular dress as well.


As the clothing and bedding items made of macrame cords are on the rise, it is important to understand their basics as they are quite different from regular clothing material. These factors even play a role in the overall design and look of the final product.

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