Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Free Knitting Patterns

During winters, there’s an article of clothing that never goes out of style, these are knitted clothes. Knitting is a timeless hobby that never gets old. Even today, many people express their interest in this skill. There’s so much you can do with knitting. It only needs a few materials and it is very easy to learn. Due to this, we created a list of some free knitting patterns suitable for beginners.


A close up of a purple blanket

Scarves are an excellent present for people you love. Not only is it a great present, but it is also practical, and it keeps you warm during cold days. It also is a great fashion statement. There are so many types of scarves you can do, but even the simplest one can already stand out while still giving the warmth you need for the cold days. It is even more fun to create them than to buy them! Here’s how to create a simple scarf:

First, prepare a skein of size 6, bulky yarn with the length not lesser than 100 yards, and a size 13 knitting needles.

Then, use the materials to cast on 12 stitches with a simple wrap cast-on stitch.

Afterward, knit every stitch until one yard is left. After knitting, bind off stitches and leave a 6-inch tail.

Then to finish your scarf, use a crochet hook, and weave the ends.

Baby blankets

A close up of a colorful blanket

Are you looking for a present for a baby shower? The baby blanket is the answer! It’s affordable, you can make it however cute you want it, and you can choose the perfect size for the recipient. It’s simple and full of sincerity. It shows that you went for the extra mile for that gift. Aside from that, knitting is a good way to relax yet still be productive.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps;

First, prepare 14.5 ounces or worsted yarn, A size ten circular knitting needle, and a tapestry needle.

After preparing these things, proceed to cast on 114 stitches.

Then knit the first five rows and knit to row 6.

Then for row 7, knit five stitches, purl across until 5 stitches remain, and knit five stitches again.

Afterward, for row 8, knit five stitches, purl the next two stitches, and knit one stitch, and then repeat purling and knitting until only seven stitches are left, purl two stitches, and then knit the remaining stitches.

For the 9th row, knit five stitches, knit the next 2 and purl one stitch, repeat knitting two stitches and purling one until only seven are left and then knit seven stitches.

Repeat this process until you reach your desired length.

To finish it, knit the last five rows, bind the stitches and weave the ends. And there you have it, a warm blanket that suits everyone.

To sum up, knitting may look complicated, but it gets easy as long as you continue giving efforts. It will test your patience, but never give up until you reach your goal.

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