Guide to choosing the perfect wall print for your home

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Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect wall print:

A drawing of a face

1. Choose a print that reflects your personal style. If you prefer classic or traditional styles, choose a print with elegant lines or classical motifs. If you prefer more contemporary or modern styles, choose a more abstract or geometric print.

2. Make sure the print is sized correctly for the space you have in mind. A large print can overwhelm a small space and make it appear smaller. Conversely, a small print may not make a big enough impact in a large space.

3. Consider the placement of your wall print before you buy it. If you want to draw focus to that area of the room, choose a larger print with stronger colors. Note: Darker colored prints will be better suited to draw focus, while lighter prints will recede visually.

4. Think about the room you want to put the print in before you buy it. For example, if you want to put a print in your living room, choose something that’s more appropriate for living space than say…a dining room.

5. The style of the frame is often in sync with the style of the print. If you choose a more classic or elegant print, try pairing it with an ornate frame for contrast.

6. Make sure that the frame is sized correctly for the print. A small frame will make a large print look overwhelming while a large frame can overpower a small print.

7. Try to find a frame for your print that enhances it’s color or design, rather than taking away from it. For example, choose a frame with strong contrasting colors to play up the colors in the print itself.

8. Consider which side of the room you want to hang your wall print on before buying it. If you’ll be hanging on the wall facing a doorway, for example, pick something that will look good from both sides of the doorway.

9. Try to find a print on stretched canvas (versus paper) as it gives more dimension and depth to the print itself.

10. Consider who will be viewing your wall print and what message you want to send. For example, if the room is a baby’s nursery, make sure that there aren’t any images of animals or sharp objects in case your baby grabs onto it.

Wall prints can have both pros and cons:

A wooden box

On the one hand, wall prints can be a great way to add personality and character to a room. They can also help to define the style of a space. Additionally, wall prints can be an affordable way to add art to your home.

On the other hand, wall prints can be overpowering in small spaces and may not make as big of a statement in large spaces. Additionally, if you’re not careful about the selection or placement of your print, it can end up looking cluttered or busy.

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