Guitar String Bracelets – How to Wear Your Guitar Without Embarrassing Yourself

guitar string bracelets

Guitar string bracelets are the newest trend in guitar playing. These easy to play, thin, yet strong strings provide great tone and endless possibilities. The beauty of guitar string bracelets is that they are small enough to wear while traveling, yet large enough to hold a lot of weight. If you’re looking for something new to add to your guitar collection, or are looking for an easy way to get into the guitar playing habit, guitar string bracelets are a great place to start.

Variety Is Available

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Many styles are available in guitar string bracelets. The simplest models are simply a thin piece of metal with two or three small ends that screw on to a base. These simple guitar strings hang from a flexible loop that is strong enough to hold them together. Though often shaped like a bangle, these attractive pieces of jewelry can also be wrapped in a variety of ways to form a simple but versatile bracelet. You can even add a special message to your picks attached to the bracelet with a personal touch.

Other styles of guitar string bracelets feature embellishments that go beyond a simple knot or wrap around. Some guitar players like to incorporate other types of adornments into their guitar bracelets. These could include charms, pendants, or gemstones. There is really no limit to the style or type of adornment that you might like to see integrated into your bracelet. The wide variety of gemstones available today gives you plenty of options for any look you are trying to create. Some of the more common gems include garnet, black tourmaline, pink sapphire, and green garnet.

Multiple Colors Bracelets


While many bracelets feature single colors, some have multiple colors. This gives you a chance to find one that will match your specific guitar strings and your guitar case well. Many guitar bracelets also feature stones set into the metal. These could include garnets, black tourmaline, or various other types of gemstones.

Guitar string bracelets come in a wide variety of sizes. This depends on the length of the guitar string that you have. These items are sometimes referred to as gym bracelets, because they can help you keep your wrists in proper shape when you are working out. They are designed so that the ends of the bracelet are securely fastened onto the ends of the guitar strings. That prevents the end of the string from becoming stretched out and damaged as you exercise.

Some Styles Of These Items Feature Different Looks

For instance, some feature ornate pendants with embedded garnets or other stones. Other bracelets look more like jewelry and feature flat charms that dangle from the charm. No matter what type of look you want for your guitar bracelets, it is available in just about every color, design and size you can imagine.

Final Words

Shopping for guitar string bracelets online is a great option. You will be able to find a larger selection of products and you will often get better prices. You might even find wholesale prices available so that you pay less than you would ever expect to pay for a bracelet alone. There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate the guitar into your life and you will be amazed at how much fun playing this instrument is.

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