How To Macrame – Your First Project

how to macrame

Have you ever seen the television series “How to Macrame?” or do you long to have that skill for your own enjoyment? Learning how to macrame is easy once you learn these simple steps. Whether it’s how to tie a noose or how to macrame a square knot, the process is fun and rewarding. Here are the simple steps.

Get Your Stuff Together: Before you are ready to begin learning how to macrame, collect your supplies: a pair of scissors, safety pins, an eye protection strap, double-sided tape, a large board, and a variety of other small ropes, cords, and sticks. Be sure to store all your materials in a clean, dry place so that your project can last as long as possible. A variety of different tools are available, including: long double-sided tape, which can also be used for shaping or building shapes, as well as different colored tapes. If you don’t want to buy new tools, simply use the ones that come with your cordless screw drivers and double-sided tape. However, if you prefer to try out new tools, you might want to visit your local hardware or art supply store, and browse through their selection of tools.

Step One: Get Started Learning How To Macrame-With a little preparation and guidance, you can create beautiful, decorative wall hangings using basic knots. The easiest type of macrame to create is a basic three-step knot. The three-step knot pattern involves a looping around itself (in the middle) to form a tube. It can be closed with a simple pull on the end of the cord. To practice these basic knots, purchase a book that teaches the ins and outs of macrame and get started practicing on the wall immediately.

Step Two: Try Basic Knots Before proceeding any further on how to macrame your first try, you should already have a firm grasp on basic knots. The most popular knots used in a macrame pattern are: double-sided tape, half-inch cardboard, and yarn. You should experiment with all three to see which is the easiest to tie. Remember to always test your tying abilities by putting a knot on the other end of the cord before adding a new knot for a small amount of strands. This will ensure that you do not ruin any of your longer strands by trying to knot them while they are still wet.

Step Three: Build Your Strands Into Wigs Now that you have mastered the basics, you can start building strands into beautiful beaded macrame projects. The easiest way to do this is to tie two double-sided tape together with one end matching the other. Once the tape is tied, simply slip it onto the end of the string and start weaving. This is an easy process that produces some of the most beautiful headbands, bracelets and earrings out there.

Summing Up

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In conclusion, learning how to macrame is really quite easy once you get started. If you were not inspired by this project, you should consider using an everyday rope for your first project. The first time you try using this simple rope you may become intimidated by how the material is so hard to wrap around so many times. However, with practice and patience you should be able to master the art of how to macrame a simple rope and then wrap your first project in beautiful macrame.

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