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how to make bracelets

With the pandemic Quarantine situation ongoing, people are trying to explore what they would like to do as a hobby and fortunately, we are able to allocate some time to do all of these activities. Some people might be wondering on how to make bracelets and if you’re looking for some ideas on starting with the activity to further learn it, here is what you should know. Making bracelets is a great craft project to do because it’s simple to learn, move, and share with your pals. It’s one of those “rites of passage” things that we all participate in during sleepovers and summer camps. They also make excellent gifts for your closest friends. Bead bracelets are a classic summer camp craft that you’ll want to make all year. Be it as a child or for the first time, this article will teach you everything you’ll need to know about making bracelets, no matter what your experience level is.

How To Make Bracelets – Beaded Bracelet

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Bracelets can be made simply by stringing beads onto a tiger tail or rope and adding a clasp. Because there are so many variations of this simple interface, beaded bracelets never seem to go out of style. Bracelets with smaller beads will be more delicate, while those with larger beads will be edgier.

How To Make Bracelets – Materials Required

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Beads of any size and shape.

Your beads will be strung on the cord or wire that is most suited to the job.

In terms of fasteners for beaded bracelets — lobster claw or spring ring fasteners are probably the best.

Use tiger tail for crimps.


For crimps, use calottes.

Jump rings are a type of ring.

You may need to light the cord knots with a lighter.

Cutters are sometimes known as scissors or shears.

Make your design before making it with a beadboard.

How To Make Bracelets – Things To Keep In Mind 

Use larger beads, but keep an eye on the length around your wrist as you may require more string than you anticipated due to the bulk of the bead’s size. 

Choose multiple finishing procedures based on how big your beads are, as well as the material they’re composed of.

How To Make Bracelets – Type Of Beads

Glass or Semi-precious Gemstone Beads –The pearl knotting technique is a good way to keep the beads from breaking or wearing down where they would touch if they were simply strung on a chain or a piece of wire.

Seed Beads or Small Beads – It’s best to work with seed beads or little beads, as they tend to be lighter than tigertail or wire. Many times, using little beads and threading them onto a tiger tail can lead to gaps in between the beads and an unattractive “springy” bracelet.


Bracelets made of beads can be made to look basic or opulent depending on the beads used. In this method, you can visualize the completed component and make adjustments without having to re-string the entire design.

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