Important Points To Consider While Buying Hemp Cord For Macrame

hemp cord for macrame

Before selecting the finally, consider these points– 

Material And Structure

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Materials used in hemp cord should surely match your requirement for the next project. Consider the capabilities and structure before finally buying it. Some hemp cord for macrame is stronger whereas some are more like decoration and do not have any strength. Hemp code is made with all-natural fibers as compared to other types of cord-like Paracord, Micro cord, and Nano cord, Elastic cord, Shock cord, and cotton cord.


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In the market, you will get multiple size options that make it quite confusing for the buyers. Finding the right size is another challenge for the macrame lover. Hemp cord comes in different diameter sizes such as 1, 2, and 3-millimeter. Based on your requirement and preference, you can choose the length size of hemp cord for macrame. 

Use And Versatility

If your preference is the small craft or a big project, buy a cord based on that. It is not advisable to buy a long hemp cord whereas you require the small one. If you do this, you will be wasting your money. We will suggest that you make a list of requirements and then go on shooping. Alternatively, you can ask the sellers about the use and versatility of the cord. 


Cord comes in different textures like classic, simple, or uniquely accented appearance, smooth, rough, or soft touch, and many more. Paracord, micro, and nano come with smooth texture and material whereas another cord comes with a hard texture. Based on your requirement, choose the texture. 


Color matters the most when you are looking for a cord for decorating, designing, crafting, and others. Buy cord matching with décor for seasonal purposes, or choose vibrant colors so that you can make your projects a masterpiece pop.

Resistance And Protection

Whether your work went lasts for long or not, you should always buy hemp cord with great resistance. Great resistance ensures that your made items last long and there is less risk of breakages while working. Some cords last longer than others like Paracord, micro, nano, etc. These cords are resistant to UV fade, mildew, and rot. 

Real Or Fake

The market is full of fraudsters who try to fool customers by selling fake hemp cord for macrame in the name of the original. Be aware of those people. Ask for more information from the seller if you are not satisfied with the cord. You may ask if they can provide any warranty on the product so that you can get some assurance on quality. 


You can also consider other important points which you think are vital for selecting the best hemp cord for macrame. Hopefully, you will get the ideal hemp cord for macrame.

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