Learn How To Tie A Macrame Knots Tutorial

macrame knots tutorial

For beginners learning how to macrame, it is important to start with this easy to follow, step by step macrame knots tutorial first. You want to know how to tie a knot so that you can successfully complete a project when you are hanging a picture or any other large item from your wall. The first step is learning the basic knot tying techniques. There are several ways you can tie a knot and having a good knowledge of these basic knots will give you a great advantage in your job. There are also several books on tying knots, including:

Step One

A group of rope

To begin learning how to macrame you need to purchase a simple but useful book on macrame. It doesn’t matter which one of the books you decide to choose, it is critical to know how to macrame knot instructions before you begin. You will need to purchase a knotting needle. A basic square knot is used to create the basic backing which will be attached to the dowel. The other two knots are for the installation of the final project.

Step Two

Now attach the four double half hitch knots onto the double side of the square knot. The four double half hitch knots are to secure the backing to the dowel and to prevent it from slipping away. Four more knots are used to make the “finial” on the reverse side of the mounting knot. The final step is to secure the cords together using a clasp.

Step Three

You will now mount the four cord ends onto the back side of the double knot. This will form the four corners of the loop. The knot you use to mount the cords should be slightly bigger than the actual knot you just created. After mounting the cords together carefully, tie the backing to the backing with another knot. Repeat the process for the other four corners.

Step Four

The final step to this macrame knot tutorial is to tie one end of the backing to a staple or nail. Then tie the other end to another staple or nail. The purpose of doing this is to create the loop that the macrame knot will attach to. This will then form the backing for your macrame knot.

Step Five

Once you have your backing finished, you can start to attach the four cords. Again tie each cord onto the backing securely. When you reach the end of the cord, tie another knot at this point to secure the cord. Then repeat this process with the other four cords.

The finished product should look something like this: A macrame knot is completed when the four cords are mounted onto the backing with a series of knots. You should notice that there is now a loop formed where the cord was when it was first attached to the backing. Now all you need to do is string the knot from the opposite end of the macrame knot.

Bottom Lines

Once you have learnt how to tie these knots you will wonder how you ever made it without them. Even when it comes to fishing the knots are indispensable. You can use them to create anything from simple knots to more complicated lines. You will find the various uses for the knots to make it easy to master the skill of tying one. This is why you should take a look at the various macrame knots tutorial to give yourself the needed boost in this craft.

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