Learning About Kinds Of Macrame Knots

kinds of macrame knots

The different kinds of Macrame knots that are used in making these beautiful art pieces are called different names by the professionals and amateur designers. It is interesting to learn that some of these names have come from the actual knots themselves while others were just labels given to identify the knots used in the particular patterns. There is no reason to get confused when it comes to the knots and their names because this is a process which is not complicated at all.

Five Linked Or The Regular Cross-links

Macrame Knots

The most commonly known kinds of knots are the five linked or the regular cross-links, the six inch link, the seven-step link, the ten-step link, the twelve-step link and the half round link. These are the basic ones that most people know about. But you can be a little more advance and learn how to make a circular knot with a double turn at the same time as you can create a half round knot. This gives the finished product a smooth look that is not circular. In fact, this kind of Macrame knot pattern looks like a spindled disc.

Now, let’s move on to the art of macrame knots for use with cotton strings. First of all, there is the standard six inch link that is known to everyone. It has two strands of cotton, each of which is two inches in length. In order to use these kinds of links, you have to tie them in a single motion using the right hand. You will then secure each strand of cotton into the next after you have wrapped both the ends around the bar. Then, it is simply a matter of dangling the two strands of cord for a nice look.

You may also want to learn about the varieties of knots used to make these beautiful art pieces. There is the noose knot which requires at least four strands of cord. The main purpose of this knot is to create tension within the cord so that it can hold the entire piece. Another popular knot is the half hitch, which is similar to the noose but only uses three strands of cord. And the final knot that you will want to know about is the five strand dead hook, which is one of the most commonly used kinds of Macrame knots and uses eight strands of cord.

There are other kinds of knots that you can use when you are working with cotton and nylon cords. Some of these include the standard single half square knot, which require two lengths of cord, and the standard six inch square knot. With the standard six-inch square knot, the fabric is draped over one end of the cord and the knot is pulled through the fabric to form an anchor cord. On the other hand, with the standard single half square knot, the cord is laid across the square knot and the knot is pulled through the fabric to form another anchor cord.

There are many more varieties of different kinds of macrame knots, as well as different ways that you can tie them together. However, regardless of the knot that you choose, they all serve the same purpose, which is to create strong ropes that will be useful for different projects. For example, some of these ropes are perfect for sewing or crocheting projects. You may also be familiar with the common half round knot, which is used for making wreaths, bowls, yarns, or even bottle stoppers.

Summing Up

Macrame Knots

If you are interested in learning more about various kinds of macrame knots, you should take a trip down to your local hobby shop, where a number of books and magazines will have illustrations for you to follow along as you work. As you work through these illustrations, it will be easy for you to get the hang of forming these knots. Even if you don’t know how to tie a regular knot, you can likely still create some pretty intricate patterns with these knots. Just imagine how beautiful your finished product will look! You will certainly be able to sell your handcrafted items at craft shows and swap meets.

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