List Of Best Cord For Macrame

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If you have not the head of macramé, it is a versatile product that you can use to make decorative items. Moreover, you can even use it for making fashion accessories or pieces like macramé rugs and hammocks. Also, it is fantastic to know that by twisting some strands of cord, you can create unique pieces for your home. Further, several types of threads are available in the market. Here to help you out, we have listed a few best cords of macramé that you can choose from.

Further, you can even make your choice keeping in mind your project requirements.

SMIJ Natural Cotton Macrame Rope

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This cotton rope is an excellent product for macramé. It is durable, soft, smooth, and highly pleasing. Now, it is a 3mm rope that consists of 4 strands. Thus, you can use it to make intricate designs. Further, it is vital to hold a significant amount of weight, especially if you wish to make hanging shelves or plant holders.

This cord is excellent for beginners, and also, cotton rope is easy to undo if you make a mistake. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly, tintless, and odorless. 

Bonnie Macrame Cord

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This is a glossy cord that is suitable for big projects. Further, it is durable, bulky, and not stretchy. However, it is flexible enough to adapt itself to any design. In addition to this, the cord consists of several strands twisted together so that it will not fray while working. 

Working with this cord is highly easy as it is beginner-friendly and will bend to any shape or design.

However, the single con that this product has that nylon has its shine. Thus, your final product will not have a rustic look.

Tenn Well Braided Macrame Cord

It is an excellent product for people who love matte and want a natural look of cotton for their project. Further, it is a composition of eight strands. Thus, it is highly secure for any work. 

In addition to this, the braids add a lot of depth and stiffness to your final design. Further, it is a blend of cotton and polyester, and owing to this, it will hold its shape and color for a long time.

XKDOUS Natural Cotton Macrame Cord

It is soft and has a smooth texture. Further, it had durability and is highly easy to use. In addition to this, it is environmentally friendly. 

Also, it has an off-white color that is suitable to achieve the bohemian look. You get this in different colors, sizes, and lengths. Thus, you can choose this if you wish to add a lot of color to your project.


So these were some of the best cords that you can use for making your macramé projects. However, while buying the thread, do ensure to look at its texture. Since the surface of the cord will decide the overall look of your project. Further, it is essential for the things that will touch your skin, like chairs, fashion accessories, or hammocks.

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