Macrame Cord Crafts – 3 Tips For Your Advanced Skills

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Macrame cord is a very interesting craft that you can do with kids and adults. It’s an art form, too! Kids love to make these and other macrame projects, and they’re also fun to show off to friends. Here are some simple ways to get started in this delightful craft.

An Overview

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First, choose the best type of knot for your project. There are plenty of ways to do it, but the most popular ones are the “twisted” and “braided” knots. They all work, and they can be as fancy or as simple as you want. The important thing is that your macrame project looks beautiful when completed, so be sure to choose the appropriate knot.

Next, you’ll need a length of strong fine cotton yarn or silk material that’s at least twice as long as your project is wide. You’ll also need some “tack” to tie the end of the cord onto. A simple thread and braid can do the trick, or you can use a variety of other materials that you can find in craft stores. The important thing is that you have something sturdy to hold the ends of the cord together.

Identify Varied Types 

You should be able to identify the different types of knots you can use for your project, and then you’ll be ready to make your first macrame rope craft. Start by taking a strip of colorful or colored cellophane wrap and roll it up in the center. You can use any color or pattern, just be sure it matches the color of your macrame ribbon. You can use any length of cord, but one inch is generally the best option for beginners.

Tie the two strips of cord together, then tie another piece of cord onto the first piece. Continue in this way until all the cords are completely covered with the macrame cord. It’s important that you keep the fibers of your cord very closely-the macrame cords will be very slippery, and if you don’t use the right type of knot for your project, you’ll get hurt.

For crafts that involve making wreaths or other floral arrangements, a three-ply weave ribbon is recommended. These kinds of ruffle strands come in many colors, so you can match your project to the existing colors in your home or elsewhere. You can also choose a three-ply cord made from a twisted pattern of yarn, which is often called “teardrop”. This is particularly popular for Christmas tree decorations, because the twisted pattern makes for a beautiful border.

Creative Idea

Another great craft idea for macrame cords is to sew a series of beadwork hangers onto the ends of your cord. The patterns are always fun and interesting, so you’ll want to try a few different ones. Look for beadwork patterns on the internet or magazines, and then simply purchase the right sized hangers and needles, thread and other supplies. Try to find a store where you can get all the materials for your hangers at one time, since this is an easy project that can sometimes be confusing. You’ll want to measure the hanger openings before you sew any beads onto them; you can then simply trace the pattern on the beads and attach them one at a time onto the hangers.


A third popular craft cord is made out of braided natural fibers made into a decorative frame. You can make the frame out of wood, but the best results are given by natural fiber materials. Natural colors are less expensive, so you can afford to buy more of them. With advanced skills, however, you can also produce beautiful portraits and other decorative masterpieces.

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