Macrame Cord For Lawn Chairs – What You Need To Make One

macrame cord for lawn chairs

Macrame cord for lawn chairs is an excellent way to add the finishing touch to your yard. The beauty of macrame is that it can be crafted into any shape or pattern you desire. Many people like to turn their porch into an outdoor room with a covered patio table and chairs. Others prefer to create a shady area where they can sit to enjoy the shade of their macrame. Whether you choose to use a macrame cord for chairs or create a more traditional enclosed patio space, using this simple material will provide years of enjoyment.

An Overview

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Macrame is derived from the Japanese term “majestic”. It means majestic or splendid. This type of cord originated in Japan and was used for many years to create magnificent garden furniture. In fact, if you are able to find genuine Japanese macrame cords for chairs you can be sure that these pieces are top of the line. Craftsmen would spend days on the project, creating each piece carefully and precisely.

Macrame cord for chairs is also wonderful as a decorative effect for your yard. You can tie the ends of the cord together to form a simple bun or bow. For more interest, you could choose to tie two or three cords together to spell out the word “Merry Christmas”. The string of colorful macrame can be strung across your walkway. Your neighbors will think you have had an expensive decorating job done if you do not use it often.

Check Availability

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Macrame cord for chairs is available at most lumber yards and home improvement centers. You may even be able to find some used if you look hard enough. However, buying brand new can be much cheaper. Sooner or later all your chair plans will need to be replaced and you will want to find someone to build you a new set of beautiful garden furniture.

Building a chair with macrame requires precise measurements. You will want the length of the cord to be at least three times the width of the chair. You will also want the macrame material to be roughly equal in length to the length of the chair. Remember to allow extra at the top of the chair, as you will want some added height when you hang it in a tree or other structure. When you have the basic construction down, you are ready for the fun part: the fun craftsmanship!

Buying Tips

First, you will want to gather your family and start building. It may be easiest to start with one chair and work up to more as you go. Take your time, make a lot of mistakes, and try again if necessary. When you have your basic construction down, you are ready to start gluing the macrame together. Follow the instructions carefully, and be sure to lay your fabric on top of the cord so that you don’t get a bumpy bottom when you hang the chair in the tree or other structure.

Now, to finish off your chair, you will simply need to tie one end of the cord onto a strong branch, like a tree branch. Then, take the other end of the cord and tie into a knot on the other side of the chair. Voila – your macrame cord for lawn chairs is done.


If this sounds like a great project to try, there are many books and websites out there that show how to construct these wonderful craft projects. Not only will you be decorating your outdoor living space with something that you made yourself, but you will also be adding some value to your yard as well. Enjoy your macrame chair and see how much beauty and value it adds to your yard.

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