Macrame Cord Suppliers And Where To Find Them

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You’ve seen the advertisements. “Please find many more macrame cords at Home Depot”. But what is the meaning behind such ads? How do you find many more macrame cords at Home Depot and for how much?

These are very common questions that people ask who are interested in learning how to make their own unique macrame cords, or even macrame projects. The truth is, most of these inquiries (questions) are valid. Who can blame them? Who would think that it takes more than a simple search on Google, or logging onto eBay, and seeing the price for a particular macrame project? It’s only natural that people would want to get the best deal, right? That’s why people visit the websites of macrame cord suppliers, and other sources of info about looking for these products.

Buying  Tips 


The question is how much should one pay for these cords? There is really no single answer, because it depends. You have to consider your purpose – do you want to buy macrame cords so that you can make crafts for your family? Or do you want to buy macrame cords so that you can sell them?

Another important thing to consider is what you’re going to use the cords for. Do you need more durable materials, or are you just looking to make some different colors, with thinner cotton cords? The thing is, if you plan to sell the items you make, it might not make sense to buy the highest quality cards you can find. If you want to use them for crafts, however, you’ll probably want to go with the highest quality cotton cords and thinner threads.

Know The Need 

For those who plan on selling their wares, the question becomes “Are you interested in buying wholesale, or getting your supplies in bulk?” If you’re just starting out, then purchasing wholesale seems like a good idea. You can save a significant amount of money on both the items you purchase as well as shipping costs. However, if you plan to have a shop full of intricate craft projects, you’re better off buying larger amounts in bulk. You can find many excellent sources for wholesale cotton ropes and other macrame supplies on the internet.

Skills & Goods 

Some people are interested in having a store-front for their skills and goods. If you do this, be aware that local ordinances prohibit businesses from displaying materials that may be considered “blacking” or “destructive.” This includes anything made from glue, cork, yarn, or any other material which isn’t pre-processed. In short: if you plan on doing any live demonstrations of your macrame projects, you will need to think about how you will display your wares, and it’s best to get your supplies in bulk, instead of in small amounts.

A more exciting option for those who enjoy taking center stage and using their creativity, is to design and create a storefront for your products. Having your own shop will allow you to display everything from beautiful handmade macrame cords, to gorgeous glass or acrylic jars filled with your creations. This allows you to use whatever visual medium works best for you, whether that be traditional storefront displays or unique online storefronts. The possibilities are endless!


The point spread refers to the profit margin you expect to make on each piece. The higher the number of pieces you buy per batch, the higher your profits will be. While this may not seem like a big factor when purchasing materials, remember that you’ll be paying a higher price per piece for your first batch of macrame, which you will make more money on later, as you sell more. For example, if you buy fifty pounds of macrame and make three hundred fifty pieces, you can expect to make about four thousand dollars off of those.

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