Macrame Knots Bracelet – Some Accessories In The Trend

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Macramé knots bracelets are always trendy and it is a plus point if you know how to make one of them. There are certain steps that you must know to make a macramé knot bracelet. It is easy and fun to learn new things which come under easy DIY crafts making. Making macramé knots is one of the most attractive designs for jewelry making. If you are good at it you can set up your online business too. Here, in this article, you will read about some of the easiest steps to make macramé knots on your own. 

Macrame Knots Bracelet

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Knitting for the first time could be difficult but once you start to do it then you can be excellent at it. You can also have the chance to create mind-blowing designs on your own. However, start with the macramé knot because this is one of the most beautiful designs that you could look for.

Macrame Knots Bracelet – Lark’s Head Knot

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This is one of the easiest methods to start with. Lark’s head knot is considered to be the basic before making a macrame knot bracelet. This kind of knot in most of the bracelets that you want to make. 

Start the knot by first folding it over your dowel in order to make that pretzel shape. And after that, you have to pull the cord through the loop that you made and then tightly pull the string. Continue to do this technique and then you can easily begin to make the bracelet that you want to make. 

You could also take the help of the internet to learn more about this method. This is just the basics before making a macramé knot bracelet and it is always better to learn it beforehand. The bracelet will look beautiful once you begin to make perfect macramé knots on your own.

Macrame Knots Bracelet – The Square Knot

By continuing further you will be able to master the half knot that you have mastered recently. However, this macramé knots pattern is basically the continuation of the half knot that you have learned before. So, it would not take much time for you to learn this step. 

First, you have to begin by making the half known. Soon after you have made a loop you have to do that pattern once again but this time in reverse. The four cords (A, B, C, and D) where the D cord is, to begin with instead of cord A. Bring the chord D over to C and B under cord A. And then the next process is to take cord A and bring it under cord B and C and over to cord D. 


The above two ways are the two easiest ways to make a Macrame knots bracelet. Follow the above procedures to easily make a Macrame knots bracelet. Making this can be considered as one of the most interesting hobbies you can ever find and this is something you can learn at home and become an expert with practice.

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