Macrame Knots Rugs – The Craft Of Stunningly Unique Rugs

macrame knots rugs

Macrame knots are one of the most famous techniques in making carpets. They have been used for centuries and are now considered as fine art. This type of technique has its roots in early Celtic culture and was later adopted by the Irish. It was then that it became popular in England, after which it became a common trade amongst plantation workers. Over time, it became more popular among other people who may fancy making handmade decorations for their homes or offices.

Straight And Interwoven

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Macrame knots may either be straight and interwoven or they may have varying widths. They have been known to be used in decorating clothing and accessories. However, there are different types of knots depending on the purpose of the fabric. Some knots may be more suitable for interweaving while others may be used for flatweaves. Those made for flatweaves are known as wefts while those that are meant for interweaving should have a sliver-thicker covering. There are some kinds of knots that may even be used for weaving.

Some of the most common colors used in macrame knots are red, brown, yellow, blue and green. These give unique looks to the weaves. However, the texture and color of the weft depend on the purpose of the decoration. For example, the red knots may be used to make rugs for outdoor use while the blue and yellow ones can be used for rooms with lots of blue color. Hence, one can find lots of options for rugs with these knots.

Form Of Needlework

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Even though many people still consider this technique as a form of needlework, you will be amazed to know that there are also lots of patterns available in the market. The basic construction of these patterns is similar to that of macrame but the finished product comes out differently. The wefts with this kind of patterns are usually stronger than the ones made from other types of knots. It has been said that the red macrame knots are the strongest of all. This is because they are known to be tougher than any other kind of knot.

Having A Slender Strand

These are usually characterized by having a slender strand that is tied between two or more pieces of line. The wefts can either be thick or thin. In addition, they can also be made into different sizes depending on the purpose for which they need to be used. For example, some of them are designed to weave through curtains. On the other hand, there are also kinds that can be tied along the railings of a hallway. Apart from the different varieties, there are also modern designs that feature vertical loops.

In the past, the carpets that were made using macrame knots were considered to be quite expensive. However, times have changed since then. With the advent of affordable machines, it has been possible to reproduce this ancient method of weaving rugs at low prices. However, even though they are easy to create, these rugs still remain as unique as ever.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about macrame knots rugs is that they can be crafted to fit almost any size and shape. It has been said that the network can easily adjust itself to any dimensions that the consumer requires. It is very easy to find detailed instructions that are specific to the knot you want to use. The key to making these knots is that the smaller the size of the knot, the larger the pattern or design that can be crafted. In order to ensure that the knots are perfectly secure, it is advisable to purchase them from reputed online retailers.

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