String Bracelets- Overview

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String Bracelets have been in fashion since the old days. They are often symbolic of

upholding certain folk culture, highlighting social statements, or symbolizing friendship. String bracelets making has different patterns.  Some very popular string Bracelets pattern are:-

The Chinese Ladder Bracelet Pattern

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This is a very popular string bracelet pattern, especially amongst children. It has a twisted design which makes it look interesting.

The Jellyfish Bracelet Pattern

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This pattern is generally made of seven strands, and the dangling threads make it look fashionable. It makes use of a wheel so that a round woven bracelet can be created.

The Zig Zag Bracelet Pattern

It is one of the most common bracelet patterns. Strings of different colors make it look even more colorful.

The Rainbow String Bracelet Pattern

It is the best choice for all the colorful people who love to spread positivity. It adds to the vibrancy when worn and can definitely boost up the confidence of the one wearing it.

The Diagonal Bracelet Pattern

It is another common bracelet pattern and looks unique when strings of various

colors are used.

The Braided Bracelet

This bracelet pattern is quite unique and is always in style. It is easy to make a braided string bracelet. One can also use colorful beads to make it look like decorative letter beads. They can also be gifted to friends on Friendship Day.

The Heart Bracelet Pattern

This bracelet pattern is popular both among adults and children. It is symbolic of


The Embellished Bracelet

If you want to have a fancy look, you can definitely opt for the embellished bracelet. It will make you look stylish and can steal everyone’s attention.

Basic String Bracelets Making Technique

Lets consider a string Bracelet using three threads.

Things Required- 3 threads of different colors, colorful beads, safety pin, cello tape,

scissors for cutting purposes

1. Once the threads or the strings are taken, they need to be fixed at one end by

using a cello tape or by any other means.

2. Then the middle one needs to be looped around on one side and the other one in

an opposite way.

3. This needs to be continued for a while till it reaches half the length.

4. If you want to add beads to your string bracelet to make it look attractive, you

need beads either of different colors or letter beads.

5. A knot needs to be tied before the beads are put in. A safety pin can be used to

slipped in the beads.

6. After the beads have been put in; another knot needs to be tied.

7. You can continue braiding after that till you reach the desired length and then tie

a knot.

8. The string bracelet is ready.


String Bracelets are too much in fashion. You can celebrate your friendship or

look fanciful using string bracelets. This article gives an idea of the various string

bracelet patterns.

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