The Ultimate Doodle Art Guide To Let You Doodle Your Way

The Ultimate Doodle Art Guide To Let You Doodle Your Way

Doodling is a unique art-form that has been in trend for quite a few years now. An artist can amazingly calm himself through doodling. But, one thing which the common people do not know is that there are different styles of doodling. In this article, we will discuss five different styles of doodling which you can try at home and create amazing artworks.

Know About The 5 Main Styles Of Doodle

The five main styles of doodling are:

  • Zen doodling
  • Zentangle
  • Stendoodling
  • Mandala Doodle
  • Doodle Art

Each of these styles of doodle has its own uniqueness and cannot be compared to one another. They have different characteristic features that make them beautiful in their own way. Let us check out what these features are.

Zen Doodling

The Ultimate Doodle Art Guide To Let You Doodle Your Way
The Ultimate Doodle Art Guide To Let You Doodle Your Way

Zen doodling involves drawing repetitive patterns of a specific shape or design. It can either be in black and white or colored. This doodle even has a top and a bottom much unlike many other forms of doodling. As said by many artists, zen doodling is one of the most satisfying forms of doodling. It is basically drawing the same meditative patterns without any restrictions whatsoever.


This form is doodling is very much similar to zen doodling. It is an easy-to-learn technique. Some of the features of Zentangle include:

  • It has to be drawn on 3.5″ square paper tiles
  • The drawing should be absolutely abstract and it should not represent something
  • Each stroke has to be meaningful even if the final result isn’t
  • While creating a Zentangle, no erasers should be used – turn your mistakes into a design but keep the eraser away


A Stendoodle gathers its name from the use of stencils to create each and every part of the doodle. Starting from the very outline to creating the intricate designs within the outline, Stendoodling involves using a stencil in each and every shape. This characteristic of Stendoodling makes it extremely unique and thus, very much different from any other form of artwork. For artists who use stencils already, this form of doodle might relieve you of any stress and give you the peace of mind.

Mandala Doodle Art

The Ultimate Doodle Art Guide To Let You Doodle Your Way
The Ultimate Doodle Art Guide To Let You Doodle Your Way

The Mandala doodle is a very old custom that includes drawing designs within a circle or in a circle within a square, i.e., a piece of paper. It has been followed by many Buddhist monks and other cultures for many centuries. A mandala represents wholeness, connection, and intention. It is drawn with a specific purpose and has to be a figurative whole. The creator of a mandala has to let his creativity flow while keeping in mind the purpose of his doodle. Another noteworthy thing about mandalas is that different colors are used to denote different meanings. So the artist has to keep in mind all these points to make his mandala meaningful.

Doodle Art

Doodle art is not a specific form of doodling. Any doodle which does not fit into the above categories is called doodle art. It can be abstract, meaningful, may have a latent message, or might be just incoherent scribbles. Often described as ‘mindless art’, this art form is generally looked down upon. But, just because it does not fit into any of the boundaries, it should not be misjudged. If looked into properly, one might find a much greater meaning lying in it than any other doodling arts.

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