Top 5 Cotton Macrame Cord Brands

Cotton Macrame Cord

Macrame cords exist way back to the Babylonia era. These threads are used for clothing, but today, due to the internet’s influence and wide availability of resources, Macrame cords widen, from the simple dress to home decorations. Due to the growing interest in the art, many newbies are clueless about what to buy. Macrame can be taken to the next level by mixing and matching cords. There are so much possibilities and combinations of cords that can be used in order to create a beautiful piece. That’s why we listed the top 5 brands of Macrame cords.

XKDOUS Macrame Cord

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XKDOUS brand produces cords made with 100% pure cotton. It is durable and soft at the same time, making it easier for everyone to use. It’s also aesthetically pleasing with its natural colors, making it a great home décor. It also comes with a free beginner’s book if you buy from this brand. This is the perfect cord to use, especially if you are just new to the art of macrame.

Noanta Macrame Cord

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The cords made by Noanta are 100% natural cotton. The brand is famous for producing ropes with no synthetics added, making their ropes as raw as possible. Due to its genuine content, the cord’s colors are natural-looking, and the material itself created sturdy yet soft ropes. Such cords are perfect for making aesthetic pieces that are pleasing to the eyes. Like XKDOUS, it also gives a free booklet, making your every penny worth it.

Macrame cord by Macrame supplies

The cord made by Macrame supplies will never disappoint macramé enthusiasts. The cord strands are twisted, making it more manageable. The color is also tie-dye free and only uses natural ingredients. The cord is suitable for both professionals and beginners. With this cord, you can definitely work smoothly and hassle-free, making you go for hours without even noticing. It can make different decors, from DIY wall decors to household uses. This brand of the cord is perfect for everyone.

IALWIYO Macrame cotton cord

This 545-yard cord made by IALWIYO is perfect for your long projects. It is also biodegradable and chemical-free. It is safe to use, both humans and pets alike. Not only is this cord environment friendly and safe to use, this cord’s durability is excellent, so you won’t have to worry if you’re planning long-term use. This cord is perfect for large bohemian decorations or giant dream catchers that could last for a long time without easily losing its beauty.

Burvagy Macrame Cord

The cord made by Burgavy is from top quality yarn. This cord is excellent for both beginners and pros. It’s also soft and has natural creamy colors making artisans drool over it. Adding these colors will surely make your macrame piece stand out in the room. It also has a variety of lengths, making it an excellent partner for prolonged projects. Although it’s sensitive to intense heat, the greatness of this cord offsets its flaw easily.

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