Types Of Macrame Knots – Learn The Basics Of These Knots Here

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Macrame is a form of fiber art that is formed by using knotting techniques. Macrame knotting is handcrafted embroidery, creative, and decorative art since the 1970s. It is a versatile art that can be used in many ways of decorative things. Macrame knots are used in making wall hangings, small decorative items—jewelry can be created to hang plants, and are also used in clothing items. Macrame material has a wide variety of natural, synthetic, hemp, or jute fiber. Macrame knots can also be created with cotton rope.

Types Of Macrame Knots

For decades, macrame knots are a popular way to decorate the home. There are many types of macrame knots, which are created with few basic knots and different combinations. Only a few macrame knots are easily made with little effort. The primary useful knots are square knot, half hitch knot, spiral knot, double half hitch knot, wapping knot, and lark’s head knot. These are the series of knots that are commonly used by people.

Square knots are a very common and widely used design in macrame knots that are done in two parts. 

Spiral knots are designed as DNA, specially created to hang plant pots.

Half hitch knot is a simple and versatile knot, these designs create a wavy and shape pattern which makes it ideal for wall hanging decor.

A double half hitch knot is a free-form macrame knot. It can be tied in any direction.

A wrapping knot is also known as a gathering knot that wraps cords together to form a clean finish. It also gives a geometric design.

Macrame Knots Supplies Guide

Before starting to create knots, there is some prep work to do that is to arrange supplies and material as a preference for making any type of macrame knot. First, you have to select a macrame cord; it should be a 3-ply-cord with twisted fiber. Use good-quality rope or twine made with cotton, nylon, acrylic, synthetic, or jute material. For support, any hoops use dowel rope or branches to tie and create knots. Finally, scissors and measuring tape are needed. These are the main supplies that are needed to make or practice macrame knots.

There are also some important macramé terms that are used, like working cord, which is known as the actual cord, Filler cord knot that is used to wrap, and Sennit knot, which work in the reap process.

Types Of Macrame Knots Uses

We are already familiarizing ourselves with the knot type and their beautiful pattern. It is basically a craft practice with tying knots. Macrame knots are used to create ornaments, hanging fruit baskets, festival decor items, DIY wall hanging, plant hangers, handbags, clothes, DIY lamps, and many more. It just only needs to know the right pattern to create.


Although there are many advanced, intricate and tough knots that need a bit of practice, there are also some basic and simple knots to make gorgeous designs. Just keep in mind when to repeat the pattern and to keep the same pattern going in the right way.

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