Vintage Macrame Cord Ideas – The Basic Knots To Learn

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Trying something new every time can help prevent monotonous life and builds some new skills. One thing which is new and interesting is trying out Macramé designs. Macramé can be described as an art of knotting strings into decorative items. Macramé needs some practice and patience but once you succeed in it, you can use this art for making some original, budget-friendly gifts and decorative items. One can use Vintage Macramé Cord to try making something unique out of their hands.

Vintage Macrame Cord Ideas – Basic Macramé Designs

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Using Vintage Macramé Cord to make wall hangings is a traditional way of showcasing knot art. You just need your macramé cord and a stick to hang it on. By using some basic knots and following free patterns some interesting and unique designs can be created. One can also try making a laptop mat that can also be used for placements, trivets, or small table runners. You just need to have skills of doing diagonal half hitch knots and horizontal half hitch knots. In this way, you can create an intricate design. To add a sense of uniqueness to your room, you can make Giant Macramé Rope lights. You will need items like a socket kit and cording to make this by using some basic knots.

Vintage Macrame Cord Ideas – Unique Macramé Design

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You can use your Vintage Macramé Cord to showcase your talent of macramé by making a macramé dream catcher. By using some different knot styles around the hoop, you can create your own customized and unique dream catcher which can add some elegant touch to the room. One can also make a macramé bookmark that can be made easily with less time and effort. You can also gift it to your friends to show off your talent and love for them. By using Vintage Macramé Cord one can also make a macramé table runner. This DIY table runner will add some boho vibes and everyone will envy your skills of macramé design.

Vintage Macrame Cord Ideas – Tips For Beginners

To learn the art of Macramé design, start by learning the basic knots. One of the simplest knots is a simple square knot. Build up your skills by trying out basic knots with patience. If you want to do some fun while learning this skill then attend a workshop where you can meet some like-minded people. You can learn many new things with their help and can make new friends too. You should always save your left-over cord. You never know how much cord you might need and if it is not of correct length then it might become an obstacle. Therefore, always cut at least ten percent of the extra cord you might need.


Thus, there are many designs that one can try using Vintage Macramé Cord. You just need to have little patience and skills to try out these designs. We hope the ideas we have provided above help you get the knowledge about basic knots you have to learn before you learn macrame.

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