Yarnspirations: Finding Free Knitting Patterns Online


You can discover free knitting patterns from yarnspirations online with a quick search on any search engine. But if you are searching for knitting patterns, is this the most reliable way to get it done? A lot of that depends on what kind of knitting or crochet patterns you are looking for online and what you plan to do with them once you have them. You see, not all knitting and crochet patterns are created equal.

While that may not make sense if you are new to the world of knitting, it is still true. If you are doing professional knitting to earn money, it becomes even more important. There will be different restrictions on the patterns you find online, which is especially true when you find free knitting and crochet patterns. There is a small caveat or catch with even the most obscure knitting patterns. Unless the patterns themselves were made before 1923, they are going to be covered by copyright.

Yarnspirations: Knitting Patterns

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If you are just going to be finding free knitting and crochet patterns online for your own personal use, this may not be an issue for you personally. Well, if you are selling or even giving away the finished knitted products, you may find yourself in need of some confirmation about exactly what is and is not allowed. Fortunately, there are some great knitting resources available online. Finding a website about knitting can benefit you greatly for both the copyright information about the knitting patterns and helping you find free knitting or crochet patterns online.


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Many of the knitting and crochet patterns you find online will be clearly marked about what you can and cannot do, but even more of them will not. A very large portion of the free knitting patterns online is offered by other people just like you who have spent their time, energy, and effort to create those patterns. More often than not, they are willing to share those patterns with you in hopes of getting more well-known. Often times they will share their knitting patterns for free simply out of pure love for the craft of knitting itself.

One of the easiest ways to find free knitting or crochet patterns online that you can use for any purpose is to find a knitting website with a number of resources and an active group of readers. Here, you will probably be able to meet a lot of the people who create those knitting patterns right there on the website, have conversations with them and know if there are any limitations before you ever even see the pattern itself. If there are, you already know, and if there are not, you are free to use the knitting pattern any way that you want.

Bottom Line

Finding a knitting community online has many advantages above and beyond just being able to find free knitting or crochet patterns. However, the fellowship alone can be invaluable when it comes to your arts and crafts. Suppose you appreciate sharing not only knitting patterns but hints, tips, and even encouragement and friendship among like-minded people. In that case, a knitting community can be just the ticket you have been looking for. Hence, the free knitting patterns online should just be an added bonus… icing on the knitted cake, so to speak.

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